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Man of Steel – Official Movie Trailer 2013

Published on July 21, 2012 By Pass Me The Popcorn

  Latest trailer:       Check out our review of MAN OF STEEL by Lon Harris!   One of the major challenges facing a Superman movie is that the title character is virtually indestructible. Yeah there is Kryptonite. But that is merely a plot device and not a legitimate threat. As far as enemies, […]

First Look: Henry Cavill as Superman in Man Of Steel

Published on August 5, 2011 By Pass Me The Popcorn

  Here’s Superman! Impressive right? Yeah… I know… not really. This is obviously a promotional photo of Henry Cavil as Superman in the upcoming film Man of Steel. Which is a reboot / origin story of the classic Superman story. I’m curious to see how this turns out. A major problem that I’ve always had […]