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A Million Ways to Die in the West – Official Trailer 2014

Published on January 31, 2014 By Pass Me The Popcorn

    The idea of Seth MacFarlane and his brand of humor combining with the Western genre isn’t something that comes to mind when considering an idea for a feature film. But that is what Seth MacFarlane has chosen for his follow-up to his hit comedy Ted.   A Million Ways to Die in the […]

Captain America The Winter Soldier – Official Movie Trailer 2014

Published on October 24, 2013 By Pass Me The Popcorn

  When last we saw the character of Captain America he was riding off in his motorcycle after defeating Loki in the film Marvel’s The Avengers. The assumption was that he would explore the new time period and was now comfortable with his surroundings.   It turns out that not only is he comfortable, he […]

Last Vegas – Official Movie Trailer 2013

Published on October 2, 2013 By Pass Me The Popcorn

  This is what happens when a movie brings together four Academy Award winning actors.   And based on this trailer… it’s not pretty.   I’m not sure if this trailer does the film any justice. But I hope that LAST VEGAS is more than a senior citizen version of The Hangover. A movie with […]