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The Top Ten Films of 2012: R.K. Priddy’s Picks.

Published on December 29, 2012 By Pass Me The Popcorn

    By R.K. Priddy   Well it’s that time of year again. While I was eagerly anticipating a few movies this year, I was still unsure how good the films would turn out. Thankfully, since I’m at a disadvantage due to my region, I was able to see a lot more independent films this […]

Moonrise Kingdom – 2012 Movie Trailer

Published on January 17, 2012 By Pass Me The Popcorn

  Wes Anderson returns to the screen in 2012 with his first live action film since his 2007 piece┬áThe Darjeeling Limited. His latest coming of age film, Moonrise Kingdom, tells the tale of rebellious adolescent love. One can always spot a Wes Anderson film from the unique production design. His films feature a fun, quirky, […]