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The Top Ten Films of 2012: Ray Manukay’s Picks

Published on January 25, 2013 By Pass Me The Popcorn

By Ray Manukay       The Notable Films of 2012:   This year had some great films.   I honestly can’t think of a better year in recent memory, that featured so many impressive and genuinely enjoyable and thought-provoking films. Because of the sheer volume of excellent, quality movies this year it didn’t feel […]

The Top Ten Films of 2012: Ari’s Picks

Published on December 28, 2012 By Pass Me The Popcorn

    By Ari Dassa   Ari Dassa is an independent filmmaker who has written and directed short films and a documentary and was the founder of a film review website called ‘The Aspect Ratio‘, active between 2006 – 2011.   In the first of a series of posts, the contributors of PassMeThePopcorn.com share some […]

Haywire – 2012 Movie Trailer

Published on November 10, 2011 By Pass Me The Popcorn

One of the most interesting movies to be released in 2012 is the action film Haywire, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Granted, when one thinks action flick, Steven Soderbergh’s name doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. But this trailer proves that Soderbergh knows action, combine that with his trademark character work and this film should prove to be a […]