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Batman: Arkham City Challenge Map Videos

Published on October 29, 2011 By EvanTheGamer

Hey all, EvanTheGamer here again. I was going to add the below videos to that other post I wrote, but instead decided just to write a new post entirely, since these are different videos.     These are videos of four different challenge maps, which can be accessed by finding the many hidden Riddler trophies […]

Batman: Arkham City Videos

Published on October 27, 2011 By EvanTheGamer

  by Evan The Gamer Batman: Arkham City is an INCREDIBLE game. Whether the reader is a seasoned, casual, or a non-gamer. If they are a comic book reading veteran or not. Whoever the reader is, they’ll LOVE playing Batman: Arkham City! It’s that AMAZING. In my humble opinion, this game is easily the greatest […]