Top Ten Movies of 2014

by R.K. Priddy contributor R.K. Priddy shares her Top Ten Movies of 2014. (Also check out editor Ray Manukay’s list of the year’s Best films here: ).


Honorable Mention :
300: Rise of The Empire
Earth To Echo
X: Men Days of Future Past

Night at the Museum

In Memoriam: Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb
I have to qualify this as one of the best movies I saw this year merely because of the incredible loss I feel at the passing of Robin Williams. He was that actor when asked “Who is your favorite?” was never mentioned because he was the given. His talented and presence in cinema is unlike any others. Some may feel this movie, being the last time that you will see him on the screen, might not be fitting.
I am of the belief that it was perfect.
Fun magical, humorous yet played with such credibility you believed in the enchantment in only a way Mr. Williams could deliver.
You will be missed Mr. Williams thank you for making me laugh throughout my life when no one else could.

10) 22 Jump Street

22 Jump street
I like to put one comedy on my list. Something that made me laugh and giggle with my friends and family. Once again Tatum and Hill’s Bromance is a winning combination in a way that still shocks me. Going into a sequel you expect a bit of a let down. But in this sequel it was just as fun and perhaps a bit more witty than it’s predecessor.

9) The Lego Movie


The Lego Movie

When I saw the preview for this I dreaded it.
Mostly because of the way my son’s eyes lit up when he saw the trailer. Which left me to explain to him it would be a full year before it could even be seen in the theater. I wasn’t a Lego kid, however my son is. So I thought I would be mildly amused and would derive most of the pleasure of my movie going experience on watching my son’s glee. I never expected to be laughing so hard I would cry. With the voices of Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell I should have known better.

8) What If

What If
Yes, of course I went there.
And yes those of you that know me knew I probably would. I am a huge supporter of those grown up Hogwarts Kids. And I have been honestly hoping and praying for a role like this for Radcliff. The strange thing about this movie is that his not well known co-star has landed on my list twice this year. This is my favorite kind of Romantic Comedy quirky and fun yet believable. For anyone who has ever taken a self imposed romantic exile this movie reminds you of how that felt the awkardness of stepping back into the game. Radcliff pull off this off leaving behind his Potter roots and helping him branch out to a actor and became “The Boy who Lived”…beyond his multi film franchise”

7) Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

I know I am the last of perhaps a dying breed of Tom Cruise Fans. Yet, still I am a proud card carrying member of his flicks. One of the reasons why I liked this movie was honestly in the beginning I disliked the character. And I knew Cruise had the acting chops to play a morally bankrupt character finding his way down the road to becoming a hero. It isn’t like he hadn’t done it before. But the difference there wasn’t a complete transformation to a night in shining armor. Emily Blunt was especially impressive in this role for me. Because of again the departure of her typical roles. Of course the special effects and the storyline were both amazing.

6) American Sniper

American Sniper


O.k. I have to admit Bradley Cooper has seriously grown on me. He has proven he’s more than a pretty face or more than a one trick pony. His performance in this movie was gut wrenching and incredible. Once again Eastwood takes us on a journey that makes us feel perhaps a bit ashamed of ourselves. Watching Cooper’s portrayal of a man that does what few can do in service to our nation is incredible. As always Eastwood leaves a mark we didn’t see coming just as the credits role. Leaving the movie goer in stunned silence.

5) The Immigrant

I have to admit I was more than surprised but this movie. Because I am not terribly fond of the actors in it but this movie as I have commented this movie was shocked that it didn’t receive more accolades. Cotillard, Renner and Phoenix were extraordinary in their roles. The visuals were breath taking. Just as in Gray’s Two Lovers you were left feeling fed and satisfied yet still aching.

4) In Your Eyes

In your eyes
Odd I know. It was my sleeper. As I scrolled through Netflix one sleeples night I found this gem written by Joss Whedon. As I said before for some reason Zoe Kazan has landed on my list twice. Everyone knows me I’m a sucker for a love story but not your average love story there has to be something unique about it. Something unlike anything else out there that I have seen. Again Whedon writes something ingenious and Brian Hill makes it come to life. Again this movie just took me by surprise. My biggest surprise of the year which is why it got ranked so high. Plus again there is the three minute and one second song “Trouble I’m In” from this movie that I can’t get off my I-Pod.

3) The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest
A Wes Anderson makes it near the top of my list…shocker I know. And again another repeated actress on my list. Swinton. Once again Wes Anderson takes us into his strange yet wonderous world within our world. This I have to say is probably Finnes’s best performance in years mixing him along side his usual band of merry men Murrary, Norton and Brody to name few.

2) The Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything
This movie until a few days ago topped my list. Because well I’m a self professed and proud geek girl. I have read most of Hawkings book. And have always viewed him as a legend, a genius ,human man of course but not in any way tangible or relatible . Redmayne’s portrayal and transformation will no doubt help him toward hoisting more than one gold trophy up during this award season. The story is honest, brutal, heart breaking but provides insight to probably one of the most fascinating men of our generation.


1) Only Lovers Left Alive

Swinton check, Yelchin check, Hurt check, Jarmusch wait Jarmusch directing a vampire movie with a Bowie-esqse feel? Christopher Marlowe walking around in modern day society? Way way too good to be true surely I was in for a serious let down much to my shock and absolute glee it was nothing short of amazing. I hated for it to be over. I hate that years will more than likely past before I see yet another Jarmusch film. This movie while probably not on the top of most people’s lists, tops mine so many reasons. Jarmusch, the rock and roll storyline the entire feel of the film that has Jarmusch’s signature all over it. That couple with outstanding performances by Swinton, Hiddleston, Waikowska , Telchin and of course the incomparable Hurt. Makes me want to watch it again just thinking of it.