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By: Ray Manukay



Best Picture Nominees:




Who Should win:  Lincoln

Who Will win:   Argo

Who I’m rooting for:  Django Unchained


My Take:

Argo is the clear favorite here and it would be shocking if it didn’t win. Then again the Academy failed to nominate Ben Affleck for Best Director, even though he swept every recognition for Best Director this awards season. I’m rooting for Django Unchained here. But if there is a real spoiler it is likely Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.


Best Director Nominees:

  •  Michael Haneke,   Amour
  •  Ben Zeitlin, “Beasts of the Southern Wild
  •  Ang Lee, “Life of Pi
  •  Steven Spielberg, “Lincoln
  •  David O. Russell , “Silver Linings Playbook




Who Should win:  Ang Lee, “Life of Pi”

Who Will win:  Steven Spielberg, “Lincoln

Who I’m rooting for:  David O. Russell , “Silver Linings Playbook


My Take:

With Ben Affleck not even nominated in the Best Director category for Argo,  the field for Best Director is wide open. The safe pick here is Steven Spielberg for his work on the audience friendly Lincoln. But Ang Lee deserves recognition for his work on Life of Pi. I’m rooting for David O. Russell here for his work on Silver Linings Playbook, just to hear what he’d have to say considering his notoriety in the community.



Best Actor Nominees:




Daniel Day Lewis


Who Should win: Joaquin Phoenix, “The Master

Who Will win: Daniel Day-Lewis, “Lincoln

Who I’m rooting for: Hugh Jackman, “Les Misérables


My Take:

This one is probably a lock with Daniel Day-Lewis turning in an impressive performance for his work in Lincoln. But Joaquin Phoenix was remarkable in his performance for the The Master. Even Daniel Day-Lewis took a moment during his SAG award speech to recognize Phoenix’s performance.  I’d like to see Hugh Jackman win here for turning in a great performance for what looks to be his  signature role and was arguably the most challenging role of all the roles nominated in the category. 

Best Actress Nominees:






Who Should win:  Naomi Watts,  “The Impossible

Who Will win: Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook

Who I’m rooting for:  Naomi Watts,  “The Impossible


My Take:

Jennifer Lawrence looks like she’s the front runner here for Silver Linings Playbook. Jessica Chastain is the dark horse here for Zero Dark Thirty. But Naomi Watts’ performance in The Impossible was the real ground breaker in this group. She has been turning in impressive performances for years now. It’s time for the Academy to recognize her.



Best Supporting Actor Nominees:


Robert De Niro


Who Should win: Philip Seymour Hoffman, “The Master

Who Will win: Robert De Niro, “Silver Linings Playbook

Who I’m rooting for: Robert De Niro, “Silver Linings Playbook


My Take:

This category is arguably the closest race.  Tommy Lee Jones was the early favorite here for his work in Lincoln. Christoph Waltz has been earning the recognition recently for his affable performance in Django Unchained. But Robert De Niro is an Academy favorite and has the Weinstein publicity machine behind him for his work in the crowd pleasing Silver Linings Playbook. Look for De Niro to surprise here.



Best Supporting Actress Nominees :



Anne Hathaway


Who Should win: Amy Adams, “The Master

Who Will win: Anne Hathaway, “Les Misérables

Who I’m rooting for: Amy Adams, “The Master


My Take:

Anne Hathaway is the clear favorite and barring a shocking upset will likely win her first Academy Award. The irony is that her role features the least amount of screen time of all the performances in this category. I’m rooting for Amy Adams here for her grounded and surprising work in The Master. But I wouldn’t argue with anyone if Hathaway wins for Les Miserables.


Cinematography Nominees:




skyfall resize



Who Should win:  Life of Pi, Claudio Miranda

Who Will win:  Skyfall, Roger Deakins

Who I’m rooting for: Django Unchained, Robert Richardson


My Take:

Hard to believe but Roger Deakins has never won an Academy Award. He’s been nominated in this category 10 times, including twice in 2007.  I’m thinking that the 10th time is going to be the charm for Deakins for his work in Skyfall. Although Claudio Miranda’s work in 3D on Life of Pi was impressive. I’d like to see Robert Richardson win here for Django Unchained simply because the film deserves all the accolades it can get. 



Best Screenplay Adapted Nominees:





Who Should win: Life of Pi, David Magee

Who Will win: Argo, Chris Terrio

Who I’m rooting for: Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell


My Take:

With Ben Affleck being snubbed by the Academy, I can see Chris Terrio getting the sympathy vote for the film Argo.  Although David Magee deserves kudos for adapting a book that many felt was a unfilmable story  in Life of Pi. The crowd-pleaser in the group is Silver Linings Playbook. I always  award extra points to a film with a romantic happy ending,  since those are the hardest to pull off believably in a good film. Especially so for David O. Russell who is known for his more darker tales.


Best Screenplay Original Nominees:



Amour movie


Who Should win: Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino

Who Will win:  Amour, Michael Hanake

Who I’m rooting for: Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino


My Take:

This should be Quentin Tarantino’s award to lose for Django Unchained. But Tarantino was upset several years ago for his work on Inglourious Basterds. Considering the average geriatric age of the Academy. I’m thinking that the story of Amour is especially poignant for them.


Best Animated Film Nominees:



Wreck it Ralph Poster


Who Should win: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Who Will win: Wreck-It Ralph

Who I’m rooting for: The Pirates! Band of Misfits


My Take:

It’s hard to bet against Disney in the animated film category. Except when there’s also a Pixar film also nominated. Which is technically also Disney. But this year Wreck-It-Ralph was clearly superior to Pixar’s  Brave. In my book clay animation will always beat out CGI work. It’s just more impressive and clearly more challenging for the animators. Peter Lord deserves to be recognized for his work here for The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  But I doubt the Academy feels the same way. 


Costume Design Nominees:




Anna Karenina


Who Should win:  Anna Karenina, Jacqueline Durran

Who Will win:  Anna Karenina, Jacqueline Durran

Who I’m rooting for: Les Misérables, Paco Delgado


My Take:

God knows how they judge this category. The only time I really notice costumes are when they are bad.I suspect Anna Karenina will benefit from the extravagance of the story’s time period. I’d like to see Les Miserables win simply because I’m rooting for the film. 

Film Editing Nominees:




resize argo


Who Should win: “Argo” William Goldenberg

Who Will win: “Argo” William Goldenberg

Who I’m rooting for: “Silver Linings Playbook” Jay Cassidy and Crispin Struthers


My Take:

Argo will continue to benefit from positive vibes from the awards community. I’m rooting for Silver Linings Playbook simply because it was less flashy and understated which I appreciated from the film. When your main protagonist is mentally ill, like in Silver Linings Playbook there was probably a temptation to get a little experimental. But the film effectively used the editing to translate the emotions of the characters and it did so subtly, without upstaging the story. 


Original Score Nominees:

  • Anna Karenina” Dario Marianelli
  • Argo” Alexandre Desplat
  • Life of Pi” Mychael Danna
  • Lincoln” John Williams
  • Skyfall” Thomas Newman





Who Should win: “Lincoln” John Williams

Who Will win: “Lincoln” John Williams

Who I’m rooting for: “Life of Pi” Mychael Danna


My Take:

John Williams is the proverbial favorite here.  As he should be. I’d like to see Mychael Danna be recognized here for his score, which in retrospect, fittingly evokes a fairy tale-like feel.


Visual Effects Nominees:


  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • Life of Pi
  • Marvel’s The Avengers
  • Prometheus




Who Should win: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Who Will win:  Life of Pi

Who I’m rooting for:  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


My Take:

It’s hard to vote against Life of Pi here. The film was famously referred to as un-filmable considering the story relies on a Tiger sharing a small boat with a teenager. But I’d like to see The Hobbit get recognized here considering it has been shut out of all the major award categories and has unfairly been largely ignored by the Awards season community. 


Sound Editing Nominees:


  • Argo
  • Django Unchained
  • Life of Pi
  • Skyfall
  • Zero Dark Thirty



resize argo


Who Should win: Django Unchained

Who Will win:  Argo

Who I’m rooting for: Django Unchained


My Take:

Sound Editing is important for a film. But I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know how to judge it. I’m sure there’s a technical way to appreciate Sound Editing , but I feel that it’s probably best when it’s not recognized while watching a movie. I’m thinking Argo will win here just cause it’s a safe pick.  But I’m rooting for Django Unchained. Cause umm.. I like the movie.


Sound Mixing Nominees:


  • Argo
  • Lincoln
  • Life of Pi
  • Les Miserables
  • Skyfall




Who Should win: Les Miserables

Who Will win:  Les Miserables

Who I’m rooting for: Les Miserables


My Take:

Much has been said about the cast live singing on the set of Les Miserables. Here’s where the Academy will recognize them. I hope. Live singing for a musical film has never been utilized like this before on such a wide scale. I thought it was effective and definitely helped the performances of the actors, although the singing voices weren’t perfect. Which I didn’t mind. 


Original Song Nominees:


  • Before my Time from Chasing Ice
  • Everybody Needs a Best friend from Ted
  • Pi’s Lullaby from Life of Pi
  • Skyfall from Skyfall
  • Suddenly from Les Miserables



skyfall resize


Who Should win: Skyfall from Skyfall

Who Will win:  Skyfall from Skyfall

Who I’m rooting for: Suddenly from Les Miserables


My Take:

Who doesn’t want to see Adele Adkins win for Skyfall win here? The song is great and even iconic considering the history of Bond title songs. And it would be fun to see the grounded and humble Adele make an acceptance speech. But I’m rooting for Suddenly from Les Miserables simply as a supporter of Musical films. I’d like to see more of them being made. Namely Miss Saigon. A win here could help it’s chances.


Foreign Language Nominees:


  • Amour
  • Kon-Tiki
  • No
  • A Royal Affair
  • War Witch


Amour movie


Who Should win: Amour

Who Will win:  Amour

Who I’m rooting for: Amour


My Take:

Amour is a lock here. Bet on it. It’s nominated for Best Picture. So it’s likely that voters have seen the film. Which probably can’t be said for the other nominees in this category. Sadly enough.


Production Design Nominees:

  • Anna Karenina
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • Les Miserables
  • Life of Pi
  • Lincoln




Who Should win: Les Miserables

Who Will win:  Les Miserables

Who I’m rooting for: Les Miserables


My Take:

 Les Miserables was epic in scale. That’s a word that is often thrown around lightly but it truly was. Les Miserables took place in several different locations and spanning several decades. Plus it was a musical which required live singing. Not an easy task I’m sure. If that wasn’t enough it all looked pretty great. 


Makeup and Hairstyling Nominees:


  • Hitchcock
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • Les Miserables




Who Should win: Les Miserables

Who Will win:  Les Miserables

Who I’m rooting for: Les Miserables


My Take:

Les Miserables should win here for the same reasons it won for production design. It was an epic movie which took place in different time periods. The flashy pick would be The Hobbit but the ultra high definition featured in the movie might have actually hurt its chances. Audiences could literally see EVERYTHING on screen including prosthetics and where CGI and reality mixed on screen. 



The rest of the Nominees:

My Take:

I haven’t watched these movies. So I don’t feel qualified to make predictions here. I guess I could make some wild guesses. I do plan on watching these films. But I rather not watch them all hurriedly just for the purposes of voting.  So I invite the readers to check them all out some time. There’s likely some great stuff here.


Documentary Feature:

  • 5 Broken Cameras
  • The Gatekeepers
  • How to survive a Plague
  • The Invisible War
  • Searching for Sugar Man


Documentary Short:

  • Incoente
  • Kings Point
  • Mondays at Racine
  • Open Heart
  • Redemption


Short Film:

  • Adam and Dog
  • Fresh Guacamole
  • Head over Heels
  • Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare
  • Paperman


For a LIST of the Winners Visit: http://www.passmethepopcorn.com/2013/02/25/oscar-winners-85th-academy-awards-2013/

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