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Phil Spector HBO

What in god’s name kind of crazy wig is Al Pacino wearing?
That’s going to be a common question posed by audiences watching the HBO film Phil Spector.
But as strange as the wig sported by Al Pacino appears in the television film Phil Spector, the truth is that it’s historically accurate. As evidenced by this real life photo.
Phil Spector

Besides the use by Pacino of elaborate wigs in this film, there is plenty of things to look forward to with this upcoming film. Of course there is the excellent cast, which includes Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor and Chiwetel Ejiofor. But the movie also features a script written and directed by Pulitzer prize winning playwright David Mamet.
Granted Al Pacino’s theatrical film work recently has been less than stellar. But his work on the HBO network has been impressive, with his performances in the films Angels in America Part 1 & 2 and the 2010 film You Don’t Know Jack.
Once audiences get passed some of these crazy wigs in the film, the story of Phil Spector is actually quite fascinating. From his hit making music career to his trial and eventual conviction for the murder of model and actress Lana Clarkson.
So this project looks like another potential Emmy award winning film from HBO.
Once we can get passed those damn wigs.

Phil Spector stars Al Pacino as the title character and Helen Mirren as his defense attorny Linda Kenney Baden. The movie is written and directed by David Mamet and is scheduled to premiere on HBO on Sunday, March 24th, 2013.
Al Pacino Phil Spector

Official Synopsis:

Written and directed by David Mamet, PHIL SPECTOR is his exploration of the client-attorney relationship between legendary music producer Phil Spector (Al Pacino) and defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden (Helen Mirren), who represented Spector during his first trial for murder. Mamet serves as executive producer with Barry Levinson. The cast also includes Rebecca Pidgeon, Jeffrey Tambor and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Official Trailer



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