Five Movies That Will Drive You To The Box Office


By Rosalyne King



We know how hard it is for many people to leave the comforts of their homes to see a movie in a theater.

With Netflix,  Hulu, Video-on-Demand, blu-rays and satellite programming,  playing on our very own High Definition big screen television , it almost makes a night out at the movies a fourth or fifth option for story telling entertainment.

In my heyday, I, like many others, would attend our local movie house every Friday, almost religiously. We gladly turned over our hard earned cash to the big screen studio system, to see even the most silly stories told on the silver screen. But now more than ever, with the economy the way it is, and with movie theaters raising prices to combat the dwindling attendance, not to mention the lightening fast turn around of films to home theatre, many of us have to be extremely selective about which movies we choose to see in a darkened theater.

This upcoming holiday season, I feel there are five films which HAVE to be experienced on the traditional big screen movie theater. Or one will forever regret it.




5) Argo  – Release Date 10/12/2012

In recent years, I have garnered a surprising and enormous amount of respect for Ben Affleck’s directorial abilities. Yet, nothing he has made, as of yet; has made me say “Wow I really want to see that when it comes out!” Beside Affleck’s vision I am, God help me, a sucker for the tagline “Based On A True Story.” Having never heard of the events in Argo, I was exceptionally intrigued. After watching the well-made trailer, I have deemed it a must see. The film appears to be suspense-filled thrill ride and  the marketing for the movie has hooked and reeled me in.



4) Skyfall  – Release Date 11/09/12

I know this particular choice will not surprise many. But I am one of the few souls in the world that is not a James Bond fan. One usually, has to force me literally to watch a Bond movie. I just find the franchise predictable and formulaic. However, I am a huge Judi Dench fan. So this update in the franchise has increased my curiosity. But this storyline attached to this particular Bond adventure has me already scoping out a seat at my local theater. While I appreciate a good action flick, it does need to have a solid storyline and a cast of actors which make me “need” to see the film. A movie with Judi Dench shockingly playing a “victim”, Javier Bardem playing the villain and Ben Whishaw, who was impressive as John Keats in Bright Star, playing the iconic Q, Skyfall has shockingly made me put a Bond film on this must see list.




3) Hitchcock – Release Date 11/23/2012

Who doesn’t love Alfred Hitchcock? He is obviously considered one of the greatest story tellers of all-time. In fact his film Vertigo was recently named the greatest film of all-time by critics and film experts. Hitchcock’s controversial life is almost as fascinating as his artistic endeavors. Which is why HITCHCOCK makes this list. It will no doubt be fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes machinations of his most famous and arguably most controversial film, <strong>Psycho. Not to mention seeing Anthony Hopkins become Alfred Hitchcock. That is movie magic as it’s best and worthy of a price of a movie ticket in itself.



2) Les Miserables – Release Date 12/25/2012

Les Miserables will always have a special place in my heart. As far as live theater productions go, it was one of the first plays I went to see as a child. Yes I admit that I’m a super fan. I read the original novel, and yes I have seen every rendition that was ever created. All because of my love for Claude-Michel Shonberg’s famous musical based on Victor Hugo’s classic book. When I learned that they were actually making a screen rendition of this musical, my heart jumped into my throat for fear of an inferior translation to the screen. But then I saw the impressive cast and my fears were laid to rest. (All though I am more than intrigued by the casting of Russell Crowe). But the cherry on top was the spot-on casting of brilliant character actress, and one of my all-time favorite performers, Helena Bonham-Carter as the devious Madame Thenardier.

And finally….



1) Django Unchained  – Release Date 12/25/2012

Oh Quentin, dear, dear Mr. Tarantino, leave it to you to trump everyone else. Leave it to you to put out a trailer sometime in mid-June that leaves me bouncing in my seat. Then shatter my heart when I see the release date is not until Christmas Day. You and only you could take Les Miserables out of the running, from my most anticipated films of the year. To make me overlook a biopic on Alfred Hitchcock, while waiting on my tippy toes for Dec 25th to roll around. With a cast starring Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and the intimidating Christoph Waltz playing, what appears to be a somewhat good guy…however this is Mr. Tarantino we are talking about…nothing is ever what it appears to be. Django Unchained is my most anticipated film of the year, and will force me to drive through bad weather, work fatigue and even hurricanes to go see in a movie theater!


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