Oz the Great and Powerful – Movie Trailer 2013

I have a strange love/hate relationship with The Wizard of Oz. I’m on record for saying that The Wizard of Oz sort of freaks me out.


Don’t judge. I have always felt The Wizard of Oz was a strange movie and more of a nightmare than a dream. A little girl and her dog whisked away to a foreign land with no idea how to get home. It also doesn’t help that the period technicolor and primitive make-up add to the eeriness of the film.

Of course now that I have kids I’ve come to appreciate some of the charm of the classic film. The music is catchy and the performances are all affable.

That being said when news that a prequel to The Wizard of Oz titled Oz The Great and Powerful was in development, the project didn’t intrigue me. I guess I perked up a little when I learnt of the casting of Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis as the three witches. A part of me also wondered why they didn’t just adapt the musical Wicked for the big screen. (Actually, the film is in active development.)

That would all change with the first teaser trailer to Oz The Great and Powerful.

Obviously, this film benefits from the directorial touch of Sam Raimi. The film also has a more magical element in the vein of Alice in Wonderland  that is prominent in this new journey to OZ. There also seems to be some dealings with some more adult themes like self discovery, corruption and deception.

I especially enjoy the tribute to the original film, by showing the real world in black and white full screen, and the land of OZ in colored letterbox.

Oz the Great and Powerful stars James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Zach Braff. The film is directed by Sam Raimi and written by Mitchell Kapner, David Lindsay-Abaire, based on the novel by L. Frank Baum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  Oz the Great and Powerful is scheduled for release March 8, 2013.

Official Synopsis:

Disney’s fantastical adventure “Oz The Great and Powerful,” directed by Sam Raimi, imagines the origins of L. Frank Baum’s beloved character, the Wizard of Oz. When Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot–fame and fortune are his for the taking–that is until he meets three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity–and even a bit of wizardry–Oscar transforms himself not only into the great and powerful Wizard of Oz but into a better man as well.

Official Trailer:



Trailer #2:



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