Bloodforge Trial Walkthrough

The newest Xbox Live Arcade game, Bloodforge, was released this past Wednesday; it’s the second game in the Arcade NEXT campaign lineup. Still two more to go, which are Fable Heroes and the very anticipated Minecraft game.

Bloodforge is all about bloody combat, and bloody revenge. It offers a mix of weapon combos, rage kills, and using magical runes to tear your enemies apart, etc. Features a great blend of stylish art and cinematics, an original story about revenge, betrayer, destiny, and so fourth.

The game is definitely not for the faint of heart as the word Blood is in the title after all, so yes, it’s a very bloody and violent game.


Rent Games for $6.95!

It will set you back a whopping $15, but for action/fighting genre fans, that $15 will be turned into hours of bloody fun.

Here’s my video walkthrough of the Bloodforge trial to help you decide whether or not this game is up your blood-filled alley!

Download the trial now!!

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