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Perhaps the biggest movie of the 2011 holiday season is the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson produced The Adventures of TinTin. Despite the presence of the two Hollywood heavyweights, the movie is seen as a risky project. The film has been released overseas first to capitalize on the franchise’s european familiarity and to also to build up buzz for the film. Another obstacle is the kind of animation they are using for the film. Which is the same technology used on the films Beowulf and A Christmas Carol. Although, usually visually impressive, this type of motion capture animation has been criticized for it’s impersonal and unrealistic facial expressions for the characters. The film will add an extra dimension literally, in that it will be presented in 3D. Which should be fascinating considering it’s Spielberg first film using modern 3D technology.

Admittedly I don’t know much about the source material. Apparently, TinTin is an amateur sleuth of some kind caught up in a spiraling mystery and period piece adventure. The main selling point, for me at least, would be the work of the unique team of Spielberg and Jackson. Also worth noting, if the film does well, Peter Jackson will take the directorial reigns for the sequel and thus spawning a franchise.

This holiday season has been unique in that the two high profile directors of our generation, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese, both have family films opening at the end of the year. The latter releasing the family film Hugo before Thanksgiving. Spielberg, however, also has the award season favorite War Horse coming out this Christmas to entertain older audiences.

The Adventures of Tintin stars Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Daniel Craig. The film is produced by Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson & Kathleen Kennedy. The Adventures of TinTin is directed by Steven Spielberg. The screenplay is by Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright. The film is scheduled for release in the United States on December 21, 2011.


Official Synopsis:

Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures Present “The Adventures of Tintin” directed by Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish. Starring Jamie Bell (“Billy Elliot,” “Defiance”) as Tintin, the intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure, and Daniel Craig (“Quantum of Solace,” “Defiance”) as the nefarious Red Rackham.


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