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In general, I’m not a fan of Zoos.

They aren’t as bad as Marine Mammal parks. But they are still not ideal. Obviously, in a perfect world no animals would have to live in captivity in a zoo. Of course, we live in a far from perfect world. That being said Zoos do serve a general purpose, whether it’s to rescue animals, raise awareness or to provide a safe habitat for some endangered species. The latest film from Cameron Crowe, We Bought a Zoo,  explores the true story of Benjamin Mee, who moved his family to the countryside in order to own and operate a zoo.

There’s been some controversy regarding the film. Specifically from PETA,  which is asking that the filmmakers add a warning to the  movie stating that owning and operating a Zoo is a serious matter and requires exceptional responsibility and care. Apparently, according to PETA, audience members might think that after watching the film they may get the wrong idea about what it takes to own a Zoo. That someone might REALLY think that all one needs to own and operate a Zoo is a big and kind heart.  I think that’s a fair request. A little obvious…but fair.

My initial reaction to this trailer is that this feels like a harmless family film. I like Cameron Crowe’s movies. But they do tend to be overly sentimental. Nothing wrong with that I guess.  A lot of people out there like that kind of stuff. God knows there’s enough cynical and dark material out there to keep filmgoers like me entertained. I do however, wonder how my personal disdain for Zoos will affect my viewing of the film. It’s a valid concern. I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there with the same perspective.

We Bought a Zoo stars Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning, Thomas Haden Church and John Michael Higgins. The film is scheduled for release December 23, 2011. We Bought a Zoo is directed by Cameron Crowe and is based on the memoir of Benjamin Mee.


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