Batman: Arkham City Videos


by Evan The Gamer

Batman: Arkham City is an INCREDIBLE game. Whether the reader is a seasoned, casual, or a non-gamer. If they are a comic book reading veteran or not. Whoever the reader is, they’ll LOVE playing Batman: Arkham City!

It’s that AMAZING. In my humble opinion, this game is easily the greatest superhero game ever made (sorry Batman: Arkham Asylum, but there’s a NEW sheriff in town!) If my opinion isn’t enough, read the many outstanding reviews the game has been getting, and is STILL receiving.

Seriously. Rent the game. No, matter of fact, one needs to BUY the game.

The world of Arkham City is vast. There are so many things one can do. From going through the lengthy story, to finding and completing every side-quest, to collecting the HUNDREDS of Riddler Trophies hidden all over the city. Not to mention, finding certain Riddler trophies which will unlock new and exciting Challenger Maps. So a simple rental of the game won’t do it, one needs to buy it. Why are we even having this conversation? One of the greatest games ever made needs the attention it deserves.

I won’t go into any boring specific details about how incredible the graphics, story, incredibly insane voice acting, gameplay or weapons are. One should see and witness it for themselves. Descriptions can’t really do the game justice.  But rest assured, this game is top-notch in pretty much EVERY category. And it’s just so much damn fun!

Rent Games for $8.99!


One final point, playing Batman: Arkham City makes one feel like they ARE the caped crusader. Gliding all over the massive city, using the grapple gun to latch onto  almost any surface, then dropping down, kicking an unsuspecting bad guy square in the face, and beating up all of their partners. That feeling is……just outstanding. Like living a movie!

If one still isn’t convinced by now to rent or BUY Batman: Arkham City for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, then, my friend, you are disturbed!

Just watch the videos of the game below and decide for one’s self. Sorry about the lack of action in the videos, there’s more talking and conversational dialogue going on than anything else (not sure how that happened!). But, I’ll be uploading some Challenge Map videos for one’s viewing pleasure later today, so stay tuned for that!






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