Is there life after Harry Potter?

Editor’s Note: Screenwriter and author Rosalyne King laments the end of the Harry Potter film franchise.

by  Rosalyne King


Damn you J.K. Rowling for doing this to me.

Perhaps everyone else may NOT be the geeky-uber fan that I am, however, I can guarantee that nearly everyone I know has seen EVERY Harry Potter movie that’s been released. And therein lies the problem….

Say what one wants. When it’s all said and done, success-wise, The Harry Potter franchise is hands down the most successful franchise in movie history. It smashes the box office, it’s discussed around the water cooler, and every parent rushes to Fandango to buy tickets swearing it’s their children that are dying to see it and not them.

For eight years we watched them. Faithfully. Don’t lie you know you did. And now it’s over. Of course there were jokes about the end. But the thing about it is, for eight years it was as I said, the guarantee. There would be a Potter movie released. And the expectation was that it would be great. And for the most part it delivered.

Call me an “old movie fart” , but how many of those guarantees does a movie-goer get nowadays?

I could also give examples of movie franchises that FAIL completely to do justice to it’s previous body of work. I’ll just put it this way. I walked out of the Matrix 2 in the middle of the “Zion celebration/clothed orgy” scene. Yes, that was about ten minutes into the movie.




And yes, I know The Dark Knight Rises is coming out and I do look forward to seeing it. But it takes YEARS to make those. Then I have to find a block of time where I can commit 3 and 1/2 hours of my life to sitting in the theater. The preparation it takes to get to the movies kind of makes seeing it a task, more than something I can truly sit back and enjoy.

Unlike most people, when the last Potter movie came out I wasn’t at the edge of my seat. In fact, I found myself a bit depressed. Because I knew there would be no more. No teaser a year before the next one came out. No trailers where you debate if the latest Potter would live up to the hype. And of course the complete saturation of everything Potter. (They really did brand an image of Daniel Radcliffe holding a wand trying his damn-est to look menacing into our brain. Considering he was holding a glowy wooden stick, he gave it a valiant effort.)

As Thanksgiving approaches, I don’t find anything that is giving me the kind of security I had when waiting for the next Harry Potter movie. Sure there are movies I really want to see. But the absolute MUST SEE desire  and guarantee that the knowledge  of an over-priced movie ticket would be money well spent, is not there. With the exception of maybe The Rum Diary(All Johnny Depp movies are given immunity by me to any sort of sarcastic remark, or criticism I might muster.)

Will there be another series of films that will be able to deliver that kind of a guarantee? And if so, will it have the consistency to be able to do it for eight years? It bugs me in a way that’s almost shameful to admit.I want that back, that once a year there would be THAT movie that I can say for sure would be released. That I would go to see in the theater and leave satisfied.

Still I’m a dedicated watcher. I’m trying to generate enthusiasm in the The Millennium Trilogy. The books were awesome. Anyone DARE say anything about The Twilight series….I think I may just glare at my screen for about three days before I get over it.

I’m sure there are movies I will go see again, I will insert the shameless plug for The Rum Diary here. But I still find myself mourning at the fact I will not be able to look up at the screen and see the boy with the lightening scar.


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