Nikki Delano – Poppin’ Hot Babe

Pic courtesy of Nikki Delano

Hot Babe:Nikki Delano

Occupation: Glamour Model / performer



Measurements: 34c- 23- 34

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 110 lbs


Pic courtesy of Nikki Delano

Fun Facts:

Favorite Movie:

Nikki Delano: The Notebook

Favorite Actor: 

Nikki Delano: Anthony Hopkins! He’s AMAZING!

Favorite Actress:

Nikki Delano: Jennifer Aniston. I think she’s a chameleon and definitely knows how to play different roles.

Favorite Television Show:

Nikki Delano: Jersey Shore



Favorite Sports Team:

Nikki Delano: New York Yankees! I’m a loyal New Yorker! 

Three Words that Describe her best:

Nikki Delano: Spicy, Feisty. Sexually-seductive.


Strangest Talent?

Nikki Delano: I can sing the alphabet in Spanish…backwards. (laughs)

On her dream dinner: 

Nikki Delano: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Cleopatra. Those three are smoking hot women. I definitely would love to have dinner with them and manipulate them into some dessert. (winks) Night Cap!

On the use of pick-up lines by men:

Nikki Delano: I don’t fall for pickup lines. I love charming men that don’t need to sweet talk. They just use their charms to get women.

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Pic courtesy of Nikki Delano

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