Selena Rose – Poppin’ Hot Babe

Pic courtesy of Selena Rose

Hot Babe:

Selena Rose

Occupation: Glamour Model / performer




Measurements: 34- 24- 34

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 112lbs


Pic courtesy of Selena Rose

Fun Facts:

If she likes big crowds or small groups:

Selena Rose:  I prefer big crowds… because I like the attention and I like to have lots of fun!

Outdoors or indoors?

Selena Rose: Outdoors!! Indoors just makes me get bored fast… unless there’s a few n*ked boys around… (laughs)

On her favorite city: 

Selena Rose: Los Angeles is my favorite city to visit because I get to see the Digital Playground crew..which is like family. Obviously, Miami is my hometown and I’ll stay true to my town and say it’s my favorite city to live-in… like a princess. (smiles)



Three words that describe her best:

Selena Rose: Giving. Adorable & Sexy!  (smiles)

On her strangest talent:

Selena Rose: Umm… I can do acrylic nails and do hair like badass. (laughs)

The first Car she made out in: 

Selena Rose: Oh My God!  I don’t remember… but I think I recall… maybe… a classic Mustang?

If she ever went on two dates… in one night:

Selena Rose: Maybe… most likely. (winks)



Pic courtesy of Selena Rose

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