Katie Jordin – Poppin’ Hot Babe

Pic courtesy of Voodoo Media Group via Katie Jordin

Hot Babe: Katie Jordin

Occupation: Glamour Model / performer

Twitter: http://twitter.com/KatieJordin


Measurements: 34b- 26- 37

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 115 lbs


Fun Facts:

What three words describe her best:

Katie Jordin: Laid-back, complicated, feisty

On her Favorite TV shows: 

Katie Jordin: I love Top Chef and any Gordon Ramsey TV shows.



Oh her Dream Dinner: 

Katie Jordin: Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, and Coco Chanel.  

On Pick-up Lines: 

Katie Jordin: Unfortunately… I don’t think anyone has ever used a legitimate pick-up line on me, but nothing like that would ever work on me anyways. (laughs)

Favorite Actor:

Katie Jordin: Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Actress:

Katie Jordin: Charlize Theron

Katie Jordin

Pic courtesy of Katie Jordin

On her preferences for large crowds: 

Katie Jordin : I’m a loner, so I prefer to either be at home by myself or going out with a big crowd. I’m not really into the small group settings.

On being a night owl:

Katie Jordin: Not sure why… but maybe it’s because the freaks come out at night (Winks)

On her strangest talent: 

Katie Jordin: Nothing really, except my elbows are double jointed so I can twist my arm all the way around in a circle. It’s funny to do that and freak people out because it looks really weird! (laughs)



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