Lily Carter – Poppin’ Hot Babe

Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

Hot Babe:

Lily Carter

Occupation: Glamour Model / performer


Measurements: 32 – 25 – 35

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 105 lbs

Fun Facts:

Favorite Clothing Brand:

Lily Carter: Abercrombie and Fitch

Favorite Television shows:

Lily Carter: Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds.

On being bisexual:

Lily Carter: “I have always been bisexual. A childhood friend and I used to mess around when we played house. I don’t think I knew what I was doing then, but it definitely stuck with me.”

Types of People she’s attracted to:

Lily Carter:  “Ummm… well I like girls and guys. I’ve always been attracted to short tan petite girls. They also have to be funny and genuinely nice. (I hate mean people that spend there time making fun of others). As for the kind of man I am attracted too…well I have two different types I guess. I either like a real man, older, funny, nice, and knows what he wants. Or I like younger guys…like just turned 18. I love knowing I’m gonna rock his world.” (smiles)


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Type of Music listening to: 

Lily Carter: “I love most kinds of music. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of oldies. No one specific. I listen to the radio and if an upbeat happy song comes on I’ll blast it and sing along. (Laughs) I’m a dork.”

On her biggest fear:

Lily Carter: “I love outdoors, but one of my biggest fears is to be eaten alive by a wild animal. Seriously… I can’t go outside after dark. I live in the country now, and in order to go 20 yards down the hill to a friend’s house after dark I HAVE to drive or I’ll panic. (Laughs) I’m weird.”

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Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

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