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I love westerns.

Well…actually… I love good westerns. Unfortunately, Hollywood has made a ton of bad westerns which has mostly diluted the genre into bad cliches with cheap production value. There was hope in the 90’s when Unforgiven and Dances with Wolves both won Best Picture Academy Awards, but the trust that audiences bestowed on Hollywood to produce more quality westerns was betrayed with films in the genre aimed at cashing in at the box office… like Cowboys & Aliens. Which brings us to Blackthorn. A fascinating case because based on the trailer it appears to be an earnest dramatic western interested in telling a good tale, instead of focusing on action. The film even screened at the Tribeca film festival and stars indie fave and stage and film veteran Sam Shepard. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 7, 2011. But is also available on ITunes September 2, 2011.

From what I see this looks REALLY good. Ironically, the movie is considered a foreign film and is directed by Spaniard Mateo Gil. Who wrote the excellent The Sea Inside and Abre Los Ojos. Since the film takes place in Bolivia, a significant portion of the film is in Spanish. But what’s MOST interesting is the film is about an older Butch Cassidy. The film theorizes that he survived the final standoff that killed the Sundance Kid.

No doubt I’m going to watch this…question is… will I download it first or wait to watch it in a theatre.

Blackthorn stars Sam Shepard, Eduardo Noriega, Daniel Aguirre, Luis Bredow and Stephen Rea.

Official Synopsis:

It’s been said (but unsubstantiated) that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in a standoff with the Bolivian military in 1908. In BLACKTHORN, Cassidy (Shepard) survived, and is quietly living out his years under the name James Blackthorn in a secluded Bolivian village. Tired of his long exile from the US and hoping to see his family again before he dies, Cassidy sets out on the long journey home. But when an unexpected encounter with an ambitious young criminal (Eduardo Noriega) derails his plans, he is thrust into one last adventure, the likes of which he hasn’t experienced since his glory days with the Sundance Kid.

Official Trailer:

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