Mallory Rae Murphy -The Retirement Interview

Pic courtesy of Mallory Rae Murphy

In 2009, adult performer Mallory Rae Murphy made headlines for losing her virginity in her first adult performance movie role. Since then, Mallory Rae Murphy has carved out a successful adult entertainment performance career. But after performing in the adult industry for just under two years, she has recently announced her retirement from the business. In this exclusive interview, Mallory Rae Murphy discusses her decision to retire and her humble and refreshingly simple life outside the industry.

Pass Me The Popcorn: Hi Mallory! What have you been up to? I know you’ve made a conscious decision lately to stay out of the spotlight. How have you been spending your time? I’ve seen on twitter that you’ve been really happy with your life lately.

Mallory Rae Murphy: They say there’s nothing more radiant than a woman in love… I’ve been beaming lately. Apart from that I’ve been working on my Bachelors degree at SMU and spending time with my amazing family and dear friends.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  That’s great! So happy for you. Can you tell us about your decision to retire from the industry? How did that come about?

Mallory Rae Murphy: I chose to bow out on my own terms. While I still had dignity. I refuse to beg for work or do things I’m not comfortable with because I’m hurting for money. My education matters more to me than any false sense of stardom the adult industry might of provided.

Pass Me The Popcorn: Why is now the right time for you to retire?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Every new girl comes into the industry with unrealistic expectations of what they will become, how long it will last and what they will achieve. In just over a year, I was signed with the top agency and nominated for 4 AVN awards. At that point… I felt as though I had reached my potential and needed to embark on a new adventure.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  Do you have any regrets or unfinished business that you wish you could have completed before you retired?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Not at all. I met some amazing… and some not so amazing people, during my time in the industry. I learned a lot about life and the “business” as well. I will hold on to these memories forever. Mallory Rae will always be a part of me.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  Any advice for performers about handling their retirement or winding down their career in the industry?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Don’t let anyone influence or pressure you into staying if you’re ready to leave. I’ve had to put my foot down on numerous occasions. It’s tough knowing some girls don’t have the self esteem to do the same. Ultimately, your happiness and well being matter more than anyone else or their opinions of whats right for you.

Pass Me The Popcorn: What would you say was the best experience or knowledge you’ve learned from your time in the industry?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Don’t trust anyone as far as you can throw them. In the end… the only person you should worry about is yourself. As negative as that sounds, it’s been a very valuable life lesson for me.



Pass Me The Popcorn: Do you still plan to keep any ties to the industry?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Yes… but very few. I’ve made some amazing friends along the way and refuse to sever those ties because of my retiring.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  What’s the most exciting aspect about your new life?

Mallory Rae Murphy: The possibilities. Not being branded “pornstar” everywhere I go. It just feels great to be normal again and to be treated with respect.


Pass Me The Popcorn: What are some of your hopes and goals as you head into your next phase in your life?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Get married, have 4 kids, live in a house with a white picket fence and bake pies. Oh, and finish my psychology degree and help at risk teens.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  Who have been your biggest influences on your life so far?

Mallory Rae Murphy: My mother & my baby sister. Despite my mother’s disapproval of me being involved in the industry, she was always there for me and continues to be. My baby sister makes me want to be a better version of myself.  Someone she can look up to.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  Anything you’d like to promote in your new life?

Mallory Rae Murphy: I’m working on a documentary about my 2 year experience in the adult industry. Starting from the loss of my virginity till now. Keep an eye out, it’s going to be juicy.


Pass Me The Popcorn: What do you feel is your legacy and what are you most proud of from your time  in the industry?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Nobody has done what I have. My story was and is very unique. Not every 18 year old girl auctions off her virginity and gives it up to Evan Stone. To this day, I don’t regret a thing.

Pass Me The Popcorn:  Thank you so much Mallory for letting the readers and your fans get to know more about your decision to retire from the industry. We wish you a long and happy life as you transition to your new path. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans… as you retire?

Mallory Rae Murphy: Thank you for your continued support, I love you all!!!


Pic courtesy of Mallory Rae Murphy

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  • Mark

    A shame to see this beauty go, she was truly one in a million,

  • AztecAbe

    I’m not a regular viewer, but on occasion I’ll watch a bit of a movie on Directv when I see some very pretty babydolls. It just so happens that tonight I actually watched a whole because all the young ladies were gorgeous and Mallory Rae Murphy was in it, it was from 2009. She appeared to me as one of the most beautiful stars I’ve seen. I went to look her up online and here I am responding to her gracious move to normality and being a part of helping young At risk teens. I applaud you and totally respect your decision to enjoy life on life’s terms. You are gorgeous and beautiful on the inside as well as your on your entire physical being. You totally rock, love ya babe.

  • Alex

    I went to Clear Lake High School with this chick back in 06. I was actually friends with some of her friends and talked to her a few times. She was not a virgin by the way, she had an abortion in high school. She was a pretty fucked up girl (came from a bad family I guess), not really surprised she got into porn.