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What if someone else wrote the plays of the greatest writer to ever live, William Shakespeare?

That’s the theory being dramatized in the Roland Emmerich film Anonymous.

Of course, this isn’t a unique theory. There’s always been a debate about whether or not Shakespeare did indeed write all of his plays. The main argument of him not being the author being that a simple, unexceptional, working class actor could have never written such amazing work.  That the author of such political and fantastical material as Hamlet, The Tempest, and Romeo and Juliet must have been born of nobility, with an outstanding education, and had a life of adventure full of remarkable experience and culture.

A pretty weak argument in my opinion.

I’ve always felt it’s the underprivileged that have the most creativity and artistry. Because that’s all they have. They have to work to earn their success because nothing will come easy to them.

One need only look at Quentin Tarrantino as a modern day example of an immensely talented story telling artist from a humble, unimpressive upbringing.

In any event Anonymous puts forth the popular conspiracy theory that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford was the author of Shakespeare’s plays. Apparently he has some life experience which parallels the characters in some of Shakespeare’s plays. I’m pretty shocked that Shakespeare veterans Derek Jacobi and Vanessa Redgrave appear in the movie. I’m not positive, but I think their appearance in the film seems to be an endorsement of the argument of Oxfordian theory of authorship.

I’ll probably check the film out. If only out of curiosity and because I’m a sucker for conspiracy films.

Anonymous stars Jamie Campbell Bower, Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis, Joely Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave and Derek Jacobi. It is directed by Roland Emmerich. It is scheduled for release October 28, 2011.

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